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MLK Jr. Day of Action

Today has been a day of observation AND a day of action. These are increasingly troubled times. My hope is that positive reflection on examples of strength and perseverance will radiate outwardly towards our communities and the world.

As Monique Walton and I relaunch Legacy Workout, we hope that you will take part in the #MOVEment by answering the question: “Who moves you?” This is a highly personal exercise. It can be someone that you know. It can be someone that you wish you knew. It can be a group of people. It can be a moment in time. Once you’ve identified your subject –and if you’re interested in participating publicly in this self-care social experiment– we ask that you:

1/ Watch #LegacyWorkout

2/ Take a photo and/or video of YOU doing a move, an exercise. Remember, it should answer the question: Who moves you?

3/ Post to your social media accounts: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, BurnThis, etc

4/ In the comments section:
a. MOVE’s name. Who the move is named after. (The “who” can be a person, group of people, pivotal moment in history)
b. Why they are important to you OR Why you chose to name the move after that person/people/point in time

5/ Hashtags: #WhoMovesYou and #LegacyWorkout

EXAMPLE: A picture of you doing a wall sit.

“Grandpa John.” This move is named after my grandfather who would sit at the head of the table of every family dinner. He was so wise, so noble. #WhoMovesYou #LegacyWorkout

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. Thank you!