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Rock Camp! for Girls

Andia Winslow and Monique Walton, Creators of Legacy Workout, Join Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls ® as Guest Workshop Facilitators: “Cinematic wellness movement” founders featured as contributors for renowned youth summer camp that celebrates artistic expression, social justice and empowerment 



NEW YORK, NY (August 18, 2015)

On Wednesday, August 19th, Andia Winslow and Monique Walton will present Legacy Workout curriculum to attendees of Girls Rock! Camp, a major initiative of non-profit gender justice organization Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls ® based in New York City.

Celebrating it’s 10th year of creatively educating campers ages 8-18, the award-winning Girls Rock! Camp not only provides daily instrument instruction and band practice but also ancillary workshop tracks that allow attendees to engage more intensively with themes central to the organization’s mission. In the Movement & Body Care Track, “we’ll learn how to celebrate our bodies rather than think negatively about them. We’ll practice being active, being whole and caring for ourselves” says Program and Communications Director Gracie Aghapour.

In 2014, on the eve of the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Andia and Monique created a short film in which each historical character was paired with a physical fitness manifestation. The multidisciplinary project sought to pay homage while educating muscle and mind through kinetic storytelling. Following it’s public debut at the ImageNation Cinema Foundation Belletrix exhibit and New York Women in Film and Television panel discussion, Legacy Workout received acclaim and was featured by Colorlines, xoJane, Well+Good, Daily Burn and Brooklyn Independent Media. Of the work, Oscar nominated Director Ava DuVernay wrote, “Whoa. This is brilliant to me. Will speak to some of us loudly and clearly. Brava!”

Legacy Workout encourages reflection of purpose that celebrates self-care yet simultaneously goes beyond the physical self. “We understand how girls, women (transgender and cisgender) and gender non-binary peoples’ bodies are often undervalued, shamed and targeted. At Girls Rock! Camp, we’re honored to have Andia & Monique offering an empowering and fun way to fight against that” explains Aghapour.


About Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls Founded in 2004, the non-profit music and mentoring program is named after Willie Mae “Big Mama” Thornton, a blues and rock performer/songwriter who was one of the first women to play the music that came to be known as “rock n’ roll.” The organization brings together girls and women from diverse communities and encourages them to explore self-expression through music, hone their critical thinking skills, build meaningful alliances with other girls and women, develop confidence in making healthy choices in their lives, and effect positive change in their communities and in the world. Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls operates a summer day camp, after school programs, and community events in New York City. www.williemaerockcamp.org

About Legacy Workout Choreographed in 2014, Legacy Workout is a multidisciplinary fitness, film and education project dedicated to honoring “legacy makers.” Those who used, and continue to use, their physical bodies and bodies of work to address crises, combat injustice and affect global and historic change. It was created by the Founders of The Fit Cycle, a cinematic wellness movement that works to inspire people from all walks of life to live more active and engaged lives. www.LegacyWorkout.com

For inquiries and booking, please contact Press at: TheLegacyWorkout@gmail.com

9 Tips to Stay Cool During Hot Summer Workouts

Summer is here, finally! Whether you experience the extreme desert heat of Arizona or the oppressive humidity of New York City, here are a few tips to keep cool as your workouts heat up:
– Moisture wicking tops, shorts and gear – always!
– Cold towel or compress on the back of your neck before, between bouts or post-workout.
– Hydration! Prior to workout, during and post. Sip water slowly and at room temperature. Remember, dehydration prevents the body from properly regulating temperature.
Avoid super hot conditions by working out indoors or during cooler periods of the day.
– If the workout falls on the morning after a fun night on the town, try not to drink any or as much alcohol.
– Regulate heart rate: Slow diaphragmatic breathing, close eyes, hands interlaced resting above head or hands on hips to open up chest cavity and encourage oxygen exchange.
– Slow and steady:
1/ break when needed, there is no shame in rest + recovery
2/ don’t try the hardest workout of the year as you’re first entering into the new season’s higher temps
3/ work within your personal limits and avoid comparison to workout buddies or classmates who may be better conditioned or apt to handling heat.
Get hot, stay cool! –Andia

Jumpstart Your Fitness Routine

For many of us, exercising is something we know that we should do – but not always something for which we have time or energy. With ever-increasing schedule demands –work, family, activities– it can seem impossible to include fitness on the calendar.

But what if I told you that you could jump-start a new fitness routine and boost your overall health and wellness even with your very tight schedule? Would you be down? It’s possible, I promise!

Over the years, I’ve learned that motivation and commitment are the keys most essential to any fitness regimen. I’ve also figured out how to create fitness plans that maximize results for those who are constantly on the move and can’t spend hours at the gym.  

You can now share in my tips to success –as well as customized workout moves– in my new online workshop Jumpstart Your Fitness Routine. I’ll break down everything you need to know, demonstrate fitness techniques and detail fitness hacks that maximize your time and space. This 5-day course is designed to help you reinvigorate your health + fitness goals and it starts today! Click here to join me.


MLK Jr. Day of Action

Today has been a day of observation AND a day of action. These are increasingly troubled times. My hope is that positive reflection on examples of strength and perseverance will radiate outwardly towards our communities and the world.

As Monique Walton and I relaunch Legacy Workout, we hope that you will take part in the #MOVEment by answering the question: “Who moves you?” This is a highly personal exercise. It can be someone that you know. It can be someone that you wish you knew. It can be a group of people. It can be a moment in time. Once you’ve identified your subject –and if you’re interested in participating publicly in this self-care social experiment– we ask that you:

1/ Watch #LegacyWorkout

2/ Take a photo and/or video of YOU doing a move, an exercise. Remember, it should answer the question: Who moves you?

3/ Post to your social media accounts: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, BurnThis, etc

4/ In the comments section:
a. MOVE’s name. Who the move is named after. (The “who” can be a person, group of people, pivotal moment in history)
b. Why they are important to you OR Why you chose to name the move after that person/people/point in time

5/ Hashtags: #WhoMovesYou and #LegacyWorkout

EXAMPLE: A picture of you doing a wall sit.

“Grandpa John.” This move is named after my grandfather who would sit at the head of the table of every family dinner. He was so wise, so noble. #WhoMovesYou #LegacyWorkout

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. Thank you!

January Live Events

Inspired by Kellen Winslow Sr., NFL HOF TE and Kellen Winslow Jr.

Hope that you’ll be able to take part in these upcoming events:

Please join me for my NFL Superbowl XLIX inspired Winter Workout. Score with moves that were curated to take you from the 10 Yard Line to the End Zone. 1st live event in New York City on Saturday, January 17th at 8:00AM. FREE! #Touchdown10

RSVP: Email Andia@AndiaWinslow.com or Call Athleta Flatiron 212.929.0512.

Inspired by my family:  Kellen Winslow Sr., NFL HOF TE + Kellen Winslow Jr., NFL Pro Bowl TE

Excited to announce that I’ll Co-Chair the “Open Your Heart” Committee for the American Heart Association, Brooklyn Chapter. Join me for my first food and fitness fundraising event of the year on Saturday, January 24th at Mile High Run Club in New York City. If you’re unable to make it out in person, you can still support the research and prevention of heart disease, the number one killer of women. Consider donating: HERE!  #GoRed

Go Red for Women

Please stay tuned as I’ll be announcing quarterly live events and giveaways! Let’s stay in touch! LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter Instagram | Pinterest | +

Get it in where you can fit it in, Andia

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