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9 Tips to Stay Cool During Hot Summer Workouts

Summer is here, finally! Whether you experience the extreme desert heat of Arizona or the oppressive humidity of New York City, here are a few tips to keep cool as your workouts heat up:
– Moisture wicking tops, shorts and gear – always!
– Cold towel or compress on the back of your neck before, between bouts or post-workout.
– Hydration! Prior to workout, during and post. Sip water slowly and at room temperature. Remember, dehydration prevents the body from properly regulating temperature.
Avoid super hot conditions by working out indoors or during cooler periods of the day.
– If the workout falls on the morning after a fun night on the town, try not to drink any or as much alcohol.
– Regulate heart rate: Slow diaphragmatic breathing, close eyes, hands interlaced resting above head or hands on hips to open up chest cavity and encourage oxygen exchange.
– Slow and steady:
1/ break when needed, there is no shame in rest + recovery
2/ don’t try the hardest workout of the year as you’re first entering into the new season’s higher temps
3/ work within your personal limits and avoid comparison to workout buddies or classmates who may be better conditioned or apt to handling heat.
Get hot, stay cool! –Andia